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H.B. McDaniel Foundation
Excellence in Counseling and Guidance Awards Information
Do you know a colleague who has?
  • Made a significant contribution to the field of counseling and guidance
  • Contributed to the profession of counseling for a minimum of five years
  • Provided a unique professional counseling service or has developed or directed a guidance program that has proven to be effective and serves as a model for others?
  • Provided leadership in the area of counselor education?
  • Completed outstanding research or has evidence of a data set that has impacted students in the area of counseling and guidance?
If so, nominate an individual for the H.B. McDaniel Foundation Individual Award for Outstanding Leadership!
Do you know a counseling department, group, or team that has?
  • Developed and is conducting a comprehensive model program or project?
  • Completed significant research or data set resulting in a major impact in the field?
  • Proven program effectiveness (research-based)
If so, nominate a counseling group for the H.B. McDaniel Foundation Group Award for Outstanding Leadership
Please find the applications below (PDF)
To Apply:
1) Resume(s)
2) One Letter of Recommendation
3) A program description of the significant contributions from the nominee(s) which includes:
- target populations served
- length of time of involvement in the program or activity 
- Impact on targeted population or activity
- Evidence and results data for each area of impact
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