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DATE: September 28th & 29th 2018

EVENT: 2018 San Joaquin Counselor Association / H.B. McDaniel Foundation Fall Conference

The San Joaquin Counselor Association teamed up with the H.B. McDaniel Foundation to provide two days of Professional Development for Central Valley School Counselors.
Day One provided a series of multiple workshops which addressed topics and issues related to the Academic, Career and Personal Social Domains and Collaboration and Leadership.
In addition to the Friday Conference we offered the California Department of Education Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training on Saturday September 29th at no additional cost. The YMHFA teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to young people showing signs of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social, or self-help care. Anyone can take the 6-hour YMHFA course, but it is ideally designed for adults who work with young people, ages 12–18, and who do not have a mental health background or those who work with young children: teachers, nurses, counselors, coaches, secretaries, campus monitors, yard supervisors, registrars, lunch staff, bus drivers, and leaders of faith communities, law enforcement, parents, and other caring citizens.”





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The H.B McDaniel Foundation 

2018 Awards Banquet at Stanford Faculty Club

April 21, 2018   

The 2018 H.B. McDaniel Foundation Banquet

H. B. McDaniel Foundation

The H.B. McDaniel Foundation celebrated its 2018 Annual H.B. McDaniel Foundation Banquet to acknowledge individuals and groups in the school counseling profession. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to honor and foster the work of the late Professor H.B. McDaniel in improving the field of guidance and counseling and thereby developing the youth of our present and future times.

This year, the McDaniel Foundation offered two unique scholarships: The Dale C. Burklund Memorial Research Scholarship, which honors the legacy of Dale C. Burklund, a school counselor and dean of students in Oregon who developed an exceptional career guidance program still used in many schools today. This scholarship recognizes the promise of graduate students in school counseling through research and counseling interventions. Congratulations to Andrea Lanter who attends CSU Northridge and is the recipient of the Dale C. Burklund Memorial Research Scholarship. During the banquet, Andrea also presented her proposed research about improving mental health in high- achieving student populations.

The second scholarship is the James William Allen Memorial Service Scholarship, named in honor of James William Allen, as a memorial to his giving spirit and dedicated service to all the students and families whose lives he touched. This scholarship celebrates the outstanding service that school counselors provide for their students, families, and schools. This year, the H.B. McDaniel Foundation honored two recipients of this prestigious scholarship. Congratulations to Phuong Tang from the University of San Francisco and Beatrice Tello from CSU Dominguez Hills, the recipients of the James William Allen Service Scholarship. During the banquet, Phuong described her service activities through a montage of photos and a discussion of the needs of first-generation students. Beatrice shared her service activities about working to support college access and career development for students.

The H.B. McDaniel Foundation also awarded Felipe Reymundo Robinson-Zanartu from the Murrieta Valley Unified School District as the 2018 Individual Award Winner.

We also had the honor to welcome three new inductees to the 2018 Hall of Fame: Mary Andersen Honer, Nancy Jarman-Dunn, and John Merris-Coots. Through their dedicated service, research, writing, mentoring, and advocating for the profession, they continually demonstrate the values endeared to the legacy of Dr. H.B. McDaniel.

2018 H.B McDaniel Award Recipients


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