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Group Award Winners (1978 - 2022)

Recognizes a counseling or guidance department group or team that has developed a model comprehensive program or project and/or completed significant research resulting in a major impact in the field in the State of California.

2021: None Awarded

2020: None Awarded

2019: None Awarded

2018: None Awarded

2017: Murrieta Valley Unified School District, Counseling

2016: None Awarded

2015: James Logan High School 

2014: Brea Olinda High School

2013: Los Altos High School

2012: Sanger High School

2011: San Mateo Union High School District

2010: Fresno Unified School District

2009: Gladstone High School

2008: Valley High School

2007: Arcadia High School

2006: Adele Harrison Middle School

2005: Pinon Mesa Middle School

2004: Oak Avenue Intermediate School

2002: Sweetwater High School District

2002: Herbert Hoover High School

2000: Milliken High School KIUP Program

1998: Los Angeles School Counselors Association

1998: Lancaster High School

1997: Big Bear Middle School

1996: CACD Professional Development Project

1995: Westminster Elementary School District

1994: El Monte High School

1993: Granada Hills High School

1992: Capistrano Unified School District

1991: Campbell UHSD/West Valley Community College/SJSU School of Business

1990: Davis Intermediate School

1989: Bay Area Co. Guidance Consortium

1988: Fremont Unified School District

1987: Yuba City High School

1986: Los Altos Unified High School District

1985: South High School

1984: Rubidoux High School

1983: Visalia Unified School District

1982: Santa Clara Unified Schools

1979: Ocean View High School

1978: Moorpark College

Individual Award Winners (1974 - 2022)

Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and

service and made a significant contribution to the field of counseling and 

guidance in the State of California.


2021: Update coming soon

2020: Update coming soon

2019: Johnny Baltierra

2018: Felipe Reymundo Robinson-Zanartu

2017: Faith Lee

2016: Dr. Graciela Orozco, Chair of Department of Counseling at San Francisco State University

2016: Emerald Templeton, Director of Careers and Social Workers at UC Berkeley.

2015: Branna Banks, Soquel High School

2014: Ariel Rosas, Los Altos High School

2013: None Given

2012: Laura Klein-Del Rosario, El Segundo Middle School

2011: Dr. Robert C. Chope, Jr.

2010: Donna Cleman, Oak Avenue Intermediate School

2009: Suzy Mansfield, Bowman High School

2008: George Montgomery, Elk Grove Unified School District

2007: Dr. Lonnie Rowell, University of San Diego

2006: Dean Porter, California Coalition for Counselor Licensure

2005: Sharon Johnson, Consultant, San Juan Capistrano

2004: Bob Tyra, Los Angeles County Office of Education

2003: Jackie Allen, CDE, Statewide work in counseling psychology

2002: Loretta Whitson, Advocate for school counseling

2000: Julie Preston-Smith, Counseling Specialist, State Center Consortium

2000: Milt Wilson, CDE, Statewide Impact for counseling and guidance

1998: Elizabeth "Liz" Clark, Exeter Unified School District

1998: James person, Hollenbeck Middle School

1997: Trish Hatch, Moreno Valley Unified School District

1996: Winifred Strong, CACD Crisis Skills Project Director

1995: Halina Banas-Jones, Tulare Unified School District

1994: John Krumboltz, Stanford University

1994: Diane Talbot, Tranquility High School

1993: Carolyn Greene-Dajara, Chabot College

1992: Robert Wilson, Fresno Pacific University

1992: Gerald West, CSU San Francisco

1991: Christine Paret, San Diego Unified School District

1991: Nick Salerno, El Monte Unified High School District

1990: Marilyn Izumita, Orange County Office of Education

1989: Judy Hooper, Santa Clara Unified School District/Mission Community College

1989: Eldon DeWitt, Ceres Unified School District

1988: Darryl Yagi, Casa Grande High School, Petaluma

1987: Sharon Paul, Orange County Office of Education

1986: Christy Reinold, Lodi Unified School District

1985: Robert Ciauri, San Bernardino County Office of Education

1984: John Hall, Los Angeles Unified School District

1983: Marian Sheppard, Sacramento Community College

1982: Don Hays, Fullerton Unified High School District

1981: Dale Burklund, Santa Clara County Office of Education

1980: Ace Griffith, CSU Long Beach

1979: Robert Swan, CSU Long Beach

1979: Harry Smallenburg, Los Angeles County Office of Education

1978: Merrill Callow, Private Practice

1977: Anne Upton, SDE

1977: Stan Ostrom, Santa Clara County Office of Education

1976: Murl Gibson, Mesa Community College

1975: Anita Mitchell, Alternatives of Marina Del Rey

1974: Jim Saum, CSU Sacramento 

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