H.B. McDaniel HALL OF FAME Inductees

The H.B. McDaniel Foundation celebrates the ongoing contributions of leaders in the field of counseling, who have the spirit of "Dr. Mac" and have significantly influenced the counseling and guidance profession in the State of California through dedicated service, research, writing, and helping others become counselors through mentoring, and advocating for the profession.  Each year the Board of Directors nominates individuals and chooses the honorees. Counselors are awarded this distinction through induction at the annual H.B. McDaniel Banquet at Stanford University and their names placed on the Hall of Fame plaque. The Foundation made the first Hall of Fame awards in 1992. The following list indicates those individuals who have been honored each year since then.  For further information, contact Dr. Jackie M. Allen: jallen@laverne.edu  




2021:Mrs. Myrna Harp, Dr. Xiaolu Hu

2020: Dr. Laura Smillie Heid, Posthumously Awarded to Dr. Mary T. Parish, Marcia Sieckowski

2019: Dr. Nancy Carlton, Dr. Al Levin, Ralph Robles, and Delma Garcia

2018: John Merris-Coots, Nancy Jarman-Dunn, and Mary Andersen Honer

2017: Yolanda Juarez, Rosemary Rubin

2016: Patty Taylor, Donna Cleman, Pat Nellor Wickwire

2015: Emma Borens, Kay Chapman, Thierry Kolpin, Patricia Powell

2014: Leah Brew, Arthur Cutler

2013: Suzy Thomas, Paul De Sena, Linda Hudson

2012: Sally Gelardin, Judy Prothro, Bob Tyra

2011: George Montgomery

2010: Dean Porter, Joseph Dear

2009: Lee Sheldon

2008: Robert Chope, Sharon Bowles

2007: Leo Orange, Julie Preston-Smith, Loretta Whitson

2006: Rubie McClure, Winfred Strong

2005: Jackie Allen, Sharon Johnson, Robert Young

2004: Trish Hatch

2003: Mary Tobias Weaver, Marian Sheppard, Christy Reinold

2002: Stewart Nixon, Joan Stanley, Darryl Yagi

2001: Bill Bendat, Diane Cottle, Suzanne Wells, Milt Wilson

2000: Joan Del Gaudio, Joe Ferreira, Bud Motta, Nick Salerno, Betty Krumboltz, Jane McGlynn, Diane Talbot, Dave Theis

1999: Charles Bursch, Pamela Erickson, Clarence Johnson, Deveda Littauer, Judith Hooper, Marilyn Izumita, Carl Thoreson

1998: Alden Badal, Halena Banas-Jones, Arminda Doty Riser, Robert Stockhouse, Lisa Raufman, Robert Wilson, Sherrie Yabu, Mel Gipe

1997: Larry Belanger, Margaret Burklund, Summnre Morris, Shirley Raymer, Merrill Callow, Marilyn Harryman, Maria Romero-Thomas, Robert Williams

1996: Marjorie Bridges, Gerald Floyd, Mackie Jeffus, Dick Knowdell, Olga Hannel, Mary Alice Floyd, Ada Wood, Anne Upton

1995: Stanley Bowers, William Evraiff, John Krumboltz, William McCreary, Don Hays, Dick Hoover, Ben Reddish

1994: Sally Brew, Dale Burklund, John Patterson, Jim Saum, John Dahl, Jane Matson, Elizabeth Lou Van Dalsem

1993: Larry Brammer, Guy Browning, Lorna Swain, Ned Tibby

1992: H.B. Gelatt, Barbara Varenhorst